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Tarting Up A ’78 35th Reunion Jacket

Some people customize their clothing with great good taste. If however you’ve a mind for a little tarting, here’s what I did to my Princeton

Saturday Morning at 4:48am

It’s 4:48am in California. But I’m in New Jersey. Where it’s 7:48am. None of the usual tea and toast. In my daughter’s first apartment. Listening

Saturday Morning at 7:47am

Last week there was a thunderstorm in Princeton late at night. My son IM’d me about it. Son: mom there’s an amazing thunderstorm here.Me: cool

Saturday Morning at 6:38am

Luckily for us moms there are now many socially sanctioned ways to spy on our adult and almost-adult children. At least to spy in their

Tag, 10 Previously Unknown Things

Muffy Martini tagged* me the other day. Muffy is, to my way of thinking, a slightly offbeat preppy blogger. Which to my way of thinking,

High WASP Entertaining, The Themed Party

Costume parties, scavenger hunts, holiday parties, you name it. High WASPs like parties with themes. When I was at Princeton, my sophomore year I lived