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Anyone Else Thinking Sweater Dresses For Fall?

See those motorcycle boot? Those Fiorentini and Baker “Elis,” to be precise? I own a pair. Surprised? Me too. They were a generous and creative


5 Tips On How To Wear Entirely Too Much Purple

The other morning I shuffled my curmudgeonly self out onto the back patio. “Is this too much purple?” I asked. Sceptically, evidently. Please remember, I


Are Neon Soles A Trend?

An observation. You know “bucks.” right? Usually beige suede oxford style men’s shoes with a pinkish-tan sole? Like this? Known as a white buck, when


The Blues Are Back In Town: Fashion Week 2012

From all reports, if you hanker after blue, come Spring 2013 you’ll be a very happy camper. And I’m talking true blue – honest-to-goodness, full-pigment


When Your Pop Of Color Is A Garage Door

I fought valiantly against pencil skirts and pumps.  At least this go-round, this decade. But pencil skirts have always been my destiny. We all have

Back To School In Archetypal Style

All over this hot, hot country, mothers are waiting. They intervene in another quarrel. Then they wait. Courage, my friends, we’re almost there. I remember

Interesting brands

Where The Cool Kids Shop

Sturdy Gals are rarely cool by nature. That’s OK. We don’t mind, most of the time. We understand that our value derives from blunt talk,


Are Hats Back? Seriously? Hats?

We might have thought hats were dead. Sure, they show up at the beach, at ball games, on college boys’ heads. But for men and