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Can You Wear Khaki With Black?

One of my secret business casual tricks involves khaki and black. Now don’t get me wrong. Khaki loves white best. But when High WASPs crave

Orvis cotton sweater, fisherman style

In Fall Our Thoughts Turn To Corduroy

I’ve been dreaming of corduroy. Of course, we’re in the middle of California’s real summer, the one we keep secret from the world. Temperatures are

How Dress Appropriately For A Daytime Event

One of our regular readers, DocP, suggested in passing that I might discuss the difference between daywear and eveningwear. Specifically, if one is invited to

J.P. Tod Wallet, Brown

In Which I Give Away My [Empty] Wallet

In honor of my guest stint at Corporette, where women earn a living, save that living via intelligent wardrobe purchases, all in order to create