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Inspiration, By Invitation Only

A while back, I started a Pinterest board called, “The Friends of Khaki.” I’ve been collecting images of sand and camel and, yes, khaki, ever

The 5 Classics of Outerwear

Outerwear! by amidprivilege featuring a military jacket In the auto-heavy suburbs, particularly where temperate, we can get away with one or two pieces of outerwear.

Fierce at 50

The Question Of Dressing For Men, After 50

It’s New Year’s Eve in the Cultural West. What, then, to wear? Let’s first wave to the Lunar New Year, and to Rosh Hashanah. Hello

Fierce at 50

Context Is All

One more story about my recent trip to New York City, if I can prevail on your patience. We don’t wear winter coats much, out


Pantone Color Of The Year Is, Um, Blue

(Late-breaking editorial correction! Monaco Blue is NOT the Color of the Year. It is a Top Color of Spring 2013! If you read the press