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Lilly Cheers The Winter Olympics

Today I am at Lilly Lovers. Where Miss Lilly dashes off to watch the Winter Olympics on a wide screen TV. (I like writing this

All The Working Days Of Navy Blue

I’ve worn a lot of navy over the years. Especially at work. I’m blonde and blue-eyed so I look best in blues. And pinks, but

What Shoes Can I Wear With Navy Blue?

Like most bloggers, I track my search terms. Guess what’s most common? The meaning of life? Just kidding. Shoes. “What color shoes should I wear

Classic (New) Clothing For Pre-Fall 2010

It’s time for seasonal fashion. Pre-Fall 2010. Goodness. Does the industry never stop? New is fine, new drives the economy, new is new. Some of

All The Days Of Your Pearls

Did any of you watch soap operas? In the days before reality TV, YouTube, and Twitter/Facebook, they were the only way to indulge in daily,