Year: 2011

Man with bird, temple, India

Bathers, Men, Ghouls. India, 1982

An ongoing and occasional series on a 3-month trip I took to India in 1982. I was 25, and traveled by train across the country

Lush Gorilla Perfume And I Hate Perfume
Makeup & Skincare

How Not To Spend $395 On A Bottle Of Perfume

Last year I bought perfume for the first time in 30 years. In an Alice-in-Wonderland sort of experience, I spent inordinate sums of money on


The Evolving Self, Dot Com

Last week I bought some fairly inexpensive shoes online. The purchase experience was one of the best ever. It still makes me smile to think


The ‘Privilege’ Reader Survey Results

Well hello everyone. Back from my break. It was lovely and I missed you. Some asked to review the reader survey results. Of course. Except


Vintage Shoe Giveaway Winners

Congratulations! Marsanne, the Anne Kleins are yours. Laura, I hope you enjoy the Ferragamos. Email me with your addresses and I will ship them off