Year: 2011


Home Made

High WASPs, as we have amply demonstrated, focus intently on what to wear out and about. At home, however, it’s a different story. We let


“Barking Dogs” For Happy Sturdy Feet

Sturdy Gals require comfort. Queen Elizabeth, the original Grande Dame-Sturdy Gal cross, never wears a heel over 2 inches. Those same British royals inspired the

Interesting brands

Dressing Well Without Chanel; Missive 1

Around here, the crusade to dress with relaxed elegance continues with some success. I finally found suitable khakis. Over the last year I had bought

LPC is at Trust Your Style

Today I am at Trust Your Style for Mary Jo Matsumoto’s Eye on Style feature. You all know Mary Jo from her refined couture line,

LPC Is At east side bride

Today I am at east side bride, with a suggestion or two for Mother of the Bride dresses. I will add, because I must, my