Year: 2011

Dad's house

Rest In Peace, Muggs

My father and stepmother lost their dearly beloved lab yesterday. Here is Muggs the dog, as a pup. And here he is last week. Twelve

12 Bloggers Who Can Turn A Phrase

You know how sometimes you read a blog and find yourself delighted by the author’s sheer access to language? How some writing evinces an almost


The Secret Life Of Loafers

I’d like to pick a bone with Pat Benatar. I’d argue that work is more of a battleground than love, and, as a result, more

Entry Lounge Of The Mansion On Peachtree

A Review Of The Mansion On Peachtree

A few weeks ago, for the Lavish! Unconference, I stayed at the Atlanta-based Mansion on Peachtree. It’s a Rosewood Hotel, which is a nice group

In Which I Fumble Technology

I seem to have just deleted 5 email subscribers by mistake. Ooops. My apologies. Please feel free to resubscribe. I will be glad to have

Mary Jo Matsumoto Rico Clutch

Privilege Here And There, Over The Holidays

Mice were clearly playing over the holidays, as two of my favorite blogs featured Privilege[d] posts. 1. At  Corporette, the best resource I know of

Rocker tee on High WASP
Fierce at 50

What Did You Wear On New Year’s Eve?

What did you wear on New Year’s Eve? A black dress and pearls? Pyjamas and fleece? (or “Pyammies,” as a Swedish accent will sometimes pronounce