Year: 2011

J.P. Tod Wallet, Brown

In Which I Give Away My [Empty] Wallet

In honor of my guest stint at Corporette, where women earn a living, save that living via intelligent wardrobe purchases, all in order to create

LPC Is At Corporette

Today I am at Corporette. Kat’s blog suggests piece of workwear, and addresses career questions for women in traditional professions and industries. Monday is always


“This Is To Be My Symphony”

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild at Saint-Jean-Cap- Ferrat, via Dash at the French Sampler A few weeks back, the lovely Marsha of Splenderosa invited me to

Seasonal Plantings

How Suburban Prisoners Do Fashion Week

It’s Labor Day in the United States. But it’s also Fashion Week. I change the flowers on my front porch, for holidays. This year it

Culture of Origin

Why Do High WASPs Eat Wheat Thins For Lunch?

via 6bittersweets At the top of the list of assumed WASP traits sits our presumed diet, replete with mayonnaise, gin, and all other forms of


What Is An “Arm Party?”

If you follow the fashion press, you may recently have come across the term, “arm parties.”  Coined, as it turns out, by the Man Repeller.