Year: 2011


The Privilege[d] Bumper Stickers Are Here[!]

Some time ago, we discussed bumper stickers with a few choice High WASP sayings. Rejoice. Or perhaps murmur happily and discreetly. They have arrived. The


Happy 4th of July

It’s the 4th of July, and the United States of America celebrates its national holiday. This morning, tea in a travel mug, I planted our


How To Get Past Your Fear Of Roses

High WASPs are quite fond of roses. All that Anglo-identification, as it were. That said, we’re fairly specific in our preferences. On the one hand,

LPC Is At “Rock The Silver” Today

Today I’m over at Rock The Silver, with an update on going gray. Since I know that this topic elicits strong feelings, let me say


South, South, South. India, 1982.

An ongoing and occasional series on a 3-month trip I took to India in 1982. I was 25, and traveled by train across the country