Year: 2011


Will You Wear A Tailed Jacket In 2011?

It’s quite possible that you’re going to wind up in a long-tailed jacket this year. Why, you may wonder? Well let’s consider. The Four Factors

LPC Is At Inside Out Style Today

I’m at Inside Out Style today, answering the lovely and knowledgeable Imogen’s questions. And showing you a picture of my mother, with her hair blowing

Short Dress, Yellow Flowers, Wedding

3 Real Rules To Dressing For A Wedding

“But what, what, should I wear to the wedding?” Is someone you know getting married? Your brother or your husband’s college roommate?  Your cousin, colleague,


How To Replace A Closet Gremlin

Almost every one has one piece they wear all the time, unhappily. A sort of gremlin in the closet, always there, never welcome. Replacing it


Never Knowingly Undercushion®

It’s Friday. Time to put our heads up, just for a minute, from those desks, computers, tables, wagons, or wheels. Browse some soft and pretty

iPhone with monogram

5 Accessories I Don’t Leave Home Without

Sophie, at les anti-modernes, tagged me for 5 key accessories. Sturdy Gals aren’t big on accessories unless they are useful. These days I live a