Year: 2011

Culture of Origin

Dressing Well Without Chanel: Missive 2

Progress has been made, in my campaign to dress well in a semi-retirement/working from home mode. Khakis form a key component of the strategy, as

Art grouping on living room wall
Literature & the Arts

How High WASPs Hang Art In Their Houses

What High WASPs don’t do is buy art from a furniture store. Enough said. Now, some of us have collections. Real collections, of the sort


LPC Is At 50 For 50

Good morning everyone. Today I am over at 50-by-50, in an interview about writing. I’d love to have you come and read. My thoughts are


In Which I Eat My Words About Pinterest

AmidPrivilege Pinterest boards The other day I had a discussion with a former boss about the online world. We talked about all sorts of things,


Jewelry To Wear When You Are Almost There

Let’s talk jewelry. Why? Because it’s sparkly, and pretty, and fun to wear? Well, yes, but there’s more to the story. Let’s talk jewelry at


Yay New York!

As you know, the state of New York recently voted to allow legal same sex marriage. I am very happy, and want to get the