Year: 2011

Clearly I Was Misinformed About D.C.

I leave Washington D.C. today. It’s raining. The weather for our two days, however, has been very nice for early March. And the trip, wonderful.

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Culture of Origin

The 11 Sneaky Tricks Of A High WASP Diet

How, you might wonder, do High WASP women keep their weight where they want it? For it’s true that we tend more often to the

Culture of Origin

Waving A High WASP Flag At The Oscars

High WASPs like navy blue best of all. We like it on the flag, we like it on sailors, we like it on business suits.


When Did That Peaked Shoulder Trend Start?

Two years ago, in its Fall 2009 collection, Balmain made waves with jackets like this. via net-a-porter. No longer available, but was on sale for

High WASP Corporate Dress For All

I have been asked, by a young South Asian woman, whether I’d care to address the question of corporate style for women of color in